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Festival 2020

Dance Videos

It's harder to learn and follow dances on Zoom than it is in person. Here are some dance video links to review at your leisure.

Other club video lists:

This list is alphabetical by dance name. Check our Dances Taught page to see what dances were taught when.

  • Gorani, Armenia, originally taught by Tineke Van Geel
  • Gocino Kolo, Serbia, originally taught by Bora Gajicki
  • Gori More, Serbia/US
  • Khumkhuma, Armenia, originally taught by Tom Bozigian
  • Koritsa, Albania, originally taught by Steve Kotansky
  • Krucmarsko, Bulgaria
  • Kune, Bulgaria, choreographed by Iliana Bozhanova
  • Narino, Turkey, originally taught by Ahmet Luleci
  • Oee Naze, Armenia, originally taught by Tom Bozigian
  • Oj Dimitro Le, Bulgaria, originally taught by Yves Moreau
  • Paraliakos, Greece, choreographed by Lee Otterholt
  • Passo Turrau, Italy, originally taught by Roberto Bagnoli

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